zaterdag, mei 01, 2010

affiche 13 mei 2010: Jasoro




donderdag 13 mei 2010



De buitenwacht

Inleiding en presentatie door Bart van Peer

na de pauze: VRIJ poëzie-PODIUM

begeleid door Frans Vlinderman en Bart van Peer

deuren 19.30 uur - aanvang 20.00 uur

gratis toegang

locatie: literair-artistiek café Den Hopsack

Grote Pieter Potstraat 24

2000 Antwerpen (centrum)

(openbaar vervoer: Groenplaats)


Pipelines vzw in samenwerking met Masereelfonds Antwerpen

en met de steun van Antwerpen Boekenstad


Jasoro (Jase Van Grembergen) (°1970, Ghent Belgium) is a freelance art education consultant and poetry educator. She arrived in poetry country with the publications of her poems ‘Ashoop/Versvuur’ by Uitgeverij Holland. Jasoro is a name blown over from a Congolese great-grandmother in a real Belgian tale: her great-grandfather was a missionary who was drawn to the Belgian-Congo but once there he found another vocation. And as the Congolese people have an untameable ‘joie de vivre’, to this she dedicates her poetry.

Publications and presentations highlights:

International youth festival, Ghent
Nominated with the poetry bundle Over leven
Period: 1990

Geomancy magazine, Netherlands
Quarterly poem publication alternated with Juri Czabanowski
Period: 1992-1993

Pier Paolo Pasolini flash back in the Aula of the University of Ghent
Performance Medea with Ingrid Spilliaert in the Pasolini retrospective project, Ghent
Period: 31 October 1998

Poetics of the Senses, Enrique Vargas
Participation in the theatre of the senses installation Ars moriendi/Ars vivendi, Time Festival, Ghent
Period: May 2003

Vreemd in het schrijven
Texts Creeper and Kink published in the collected bundle of the writing project, Het Beschrijf, Brussel
Period: Spring 2003

De Windroos, Haarlem, Nl.
Publication of poetry (debut) Ashoop/Versvuur in the poetry series of Uitgeverij Holland, Haarlem
Period: October 2007

Literaire Lente, Circa, Gent
Poetry Edeloor in the collected cahier of the poetry evening ‘Poëzieavond in Gentse huizen en tuinen’
Period: April 2008

Letter lake I/Verses from Flanders
Contributions with Bokkenzang and Aubade in the poetry CD recorded for the Struga Poetry Evenings, Macedonia
Period: Summer 2008

Antares festival, Romania
Performance with JA! Collectief, Brussels, on Flemish poetry
Period: Summer 2009

10 + 1 days of poetry, Gentse Feesten
Contributions with Ingrid Spilliaert in a Congo flashback project, Ghent
Period: Summer 2009

Klebnikov Carnaval, Leuven
Contributions with new poems from ‘De buitenwacht’, a non-published collection of new poems
Period: Summer 2009